Want to learn the truth about the Arctic from Michigan people?

2021-12-08 06:22:42 By : Mr. jerry zhao

Say what you think of Santa Claus. But I'm here to discuss some basic facts (well, opinions) about a very real Arctic in Alaska.

From a very real conversation I had with a friend last week, the North Pole does exist. Your letter to Santa does end there. However, I would like to take a moment to discuss some very real things about the Arctic, which you may not even know or consider.

I know one or two things because I have seen one or two. I used to live in Alaska for about ten years (2007-2017). I spent a considerable amount of time in Anchorage, and also spent a few years in Fairbanks (which is just next door to the North Pole in Alaska).

Here are some interesting truths about the true Arctic in Alaska (and maybe more opinions).

Therefore, if you are heading to Alaska, head north to Fairbanks (a 6-hour drive from Anchorage or a 1-hour flight from Ted Stevens International Airport). Then drive 14 miles southeast to the North Pole in Alaska. Come find Santa Claus and toys, stay and eat Chinese food.