The Seattle Seahawks overcome red zone errors and beat the San Francisco 49ers 30-23-Sports Illustrated Seattle Seahawks News, Analysis, etc.

2021-12-08 06:23:06 By : Ms. Christina Zhang

Despite leaving a lot of points on the court in an exhilarating train accident, the Seahawks found a way to stay on track and beat the 49ers 30-23 to end their three-game losing streak and complete the season sweep. opponent.

Since returning from finger surgery last month, Russell Wilson has completed 30 of 37 passes for 231 yards and two touchdowns to Dee Escridge and Tyler Lockett. On the defensive end, Bobby Wagner and Quandre Diggs both drafted Jimmy Gallopolo, and Carlos Dunlap deflected the ball for the fourth time with 22 seconds left in the game to ensure victory.

Here are five quick observations of a bizarre week 13 thriller:

1. Despite the poor protection in front of him, Wilson finally strode out of the trough.

Without starting left back Damien Lewis, the Seahawks had a terrible start, allowing Wilson to stay upright. The quarterback has been running for his life in the early game and won a pair of sacks in the first three games, including a fumble on Nick Bossa's strip bag, which was eventually lost after Wagner's interception. 23 yard field position. Moments later, after the team tried to climb out of the 2nd and 43rd games, Jason Myers missed a 56-yard field goal. On the next possession of the ball, Arik Armstead quickly found him when he fell to the ground for the first time, destroying the drive from the beginning and leading to a punt.

But from there, Wilson began trading for Seattle, mainly by passing the ball quickly to a total of nine receivers. With 9 minutes and 48 seconds left in the second quarter, San Francisco led 17-7. The star quarterback quickly led 9 games and scored 65 yards, including 33 yards for DK Metcalf for the 3rd and 14th times. Two games later, Adrian Peterson scored from a yard away and tied Jim Brown to the 10th player with the most touchdowns in NFL history. After the 49ers responded with their own touchdowns, Wilson led another scoring offense with the help of two rough passer free throws, and finally scored a touchdown at 7 yards. Eskridge narrowed the lead. To 23-21. With the game tied at 23 in the middle of the third quarter, shortly after Diggs was selected, he threw a perfect 12-yard touchdown to Lockett in the back right corner of the end zone, which proved to be the winner of the game.

2. The missed opportunity turned a potential blowout into a Seattle barn.

Although the Seahawks won, they shouldn't worry about arranging a goal line in the last few minutes. On three different occasions, they played at the 49ers’ 31 yard line or more, but failed to take advantage of these opportunities to score, including twice within the 5 yard line. With the exception of Wilson's unfortunate error on Bosa's strip bag that made it difficult for Miles to shoot, the team could not take advantage of the forced error caused by linebacker Nick Belor in the opening of the third quarter. Starting from the 26-yard line of the 49ers, they drove to the fifth line before close end Gerald Everett slipped out of the goal line for a touchdown. Unable to bring in, the ball bounced in the air, a corner kick Williams intercepted the ball, leaving Seattle empty.

Then in the fourth quarter, Wilson led the Seahawks into a long and methodical offense for more than 6 minutes. After Rashad Penney scored 27 yards on the third low screen, Travis Homer moved forward in 4th and 1st place, and they got on the 49ers' one-yard line Got 1st place and scored a goal. Peterson was stuffed in the next two games, and then in Game 3 and scoring, Everett caught the tackle on the goal line and missed, allowing the corner kick Donty Johnson to fall to the goal. It caused a devastating error. For the fifth-year close end, this is a game worth forgetting. He also lost a turnover in the first quarter, causing Gallopolo to pass the ball to George Kittle for 24 yards. Among the three destroyed properties, at least nine points were excluded, if not more.

3. Facts have proved that Kittle is the nightmare of the Hawks with defensive interceptions and touchdowns.

Anyone who pays close attention to football knows that Kittle, a former all-around player and two-time professional bowler, belongs to the league's top all-around close end. But historically, the Seahawks actually did a pretty good job defending him in passing games, including four catches that restricted him to 40 yards in Week 4. He has never touched down in the previous eight games against them and participating in this game is in a downturn by his standards.

Unfortunately, these two trends did not continue on Sunday. After Everett’s first error, Gallopolo immediately found a 6-foot-4 and 250-pound close end in the back of the end zone. He separated the DJ Reed and Diggs reports to separate the score. The pull is 7 points. Then after a two-minute warning, he demonstrated incredible athleticism and balance of body shape, breaking through Wagner's tackle attempt after being tight on the sideline and grabbing a short resistance route, and finally rushed into the end zone. He scored a staggering 48 yards. Despite his poor performance, he beat Seattle with 9 catches for 181 yards, an average of 20.1 yards per catch, and two points.

4. Turnovers and excellent running defense helped Seattle offset Kittle's monster outing.

Entering Sunday's rematch, the 49ers have been crushing opponents on the ground during their three consecutive victories. After rookie Elijah Mitchell's excellent performance, they averaged nearly 180 yards per game. Although Mitchell scored a two-yard touchdown in the second quarter, he was under control most of the time, sprinting 22 times for 66 yards, and each pass was only 3.0 yards. The team seriously missed the star receiver Dee. Bo Samuel's versatility as a ball holder. The forefront of outstanding efforts for the Seahawks is second-year linebacker Jordin Brooks, who led the team with 11 steals and defeated Mitchell in the first quarter.

With the strength of the running back, the Seahawks forced Gallopolo to make the wrong decision and used capital. With 8 minutes and 42 seconds left in the first quarter, the quarterback made a fake move on the first pitch, Wagner resumed reporting, and the telegram passed the ball to his bread basket as an early Christmas gift for Santa Jimmy. . Late in the third quarter, the quarterback made his first airdrop, trying to pass the ball to Kittle under the cover of Wagner, and then directly in the hands of Diggs, completing his first lead of the season. Four interceptions. Coupled with the recovery of Travis Homer's mistakes on the special team, Seattle produced its best three turnovers of the season, and also forced a turnover at the end of the game due to Dunlap's deflection.

5. The special team finally saved the situation through multiple game-changing matches.

Long before Wilson found his best form in the last two quarters, the Seahawks' offense was stuck in quicksand like the past three games. But with a gust of wind deep in their own territory, they were able to attack on their opening ball first. Determined the ideal defensive appearance of the 4th and 6th fake punts, Homer dialed his number in a direct steal of the Seahawks' 27-yard line. Since the 49ers did not create an advantage, the third-year guard found a huge crease, then cut in and let Belor lay a key block for him, and finally found the exciting 73-yard goal zone. .

In the second half, Seattle continued to perform well in the third stage of the game. Bellor hit the ball from the returner Travis Benjamin at the kick-off, and Homer threw on the loose ball to make a quick turnover. Michael Dickson continued his magic as a punter, completing two bets within the 20-yard line. In one of the games early in the fourth quarter, cornerback John Reid and receiver Petunia Hart flew off the field and fought side by side, knocking the returnee Brandon Eyuk down in San Francisco. On the eight-yard line, a four-yard defeat. After three games, the 49ers were forced to bet deep in their own territory.