2022 NFL Draft: Top 25 Senior Bowl Prospects Entering Week 14 of College Football Season

2021-12-08 06:22:58 By : Mr. Andy Zhang

The final weeks of the 2021 college football regular season did not disappoint. The big victories in Alabama, Cincinnati, Iowa, Michigan and Utah not only allowed them to win the divisional championship game this weekend, but also helped their team’s best player to leave for the NFL general manager and coach Made a good impression.

The 25 players highlighted below are the best prospects for the Rees Senior Bowl in 2022. These stars, plus another 25 talented potential players (see the bottom of this article) who are talented into the elite list, have performed well throughout their careers and can be selected in the first two days of the 2022 NFL Draft. There are five months before the game (April 28-30 in Las Vegas), so the evaluation of these players will be based on their playoff performance, their athletic test results, and if they are lucky enough Receiving invitations and their performance changes during the Senior Bowl Week practice and the game itself (NFL Network February 5th). Many potential customers listed here have extended and accepted invitations.

One player on my original list, Alabama State winger Christopher Allen, was not included because he broke his foot when he undressed and fired Miami Hurricanes quarterback DErik King in the season opener. It is unlikely to play again this year.

Note: The foreground is listed in ascending order. Height and weight are measured through the school.

Mathis stood up in Tide's victory over US Securities and Exchange Commission rivals Arkansas and Auburn, and went all out in all four quarters (and four overtimes in the Iron Bowl). He defeated solo blocks in both games, using his arm movement and short-range speed to create opportunities for steals. The versatile Mathis lined up from the tackle to the nose everywhere, twisting inside and out to eat the blockers for his teammates. He is not an elite passer, but when quarterback TJ Finley held the ball too long, he provided Auburn with secondary pressure (he was thought to have 1.5 sacks).

Muma's outstanding performance in tackles and smooth running and coverage continues to impress people. In the game against Utah State University on November 20th, he kept his shoulders straight, sorted the trash to insert into the run, and also tackled the Aggies fast guard on the open field to prevent huge gains. The blitzkrieg capability of the Trojan also brings multiple pressures. Hawaii's 38-14 Rainbow Warriors away victory last weekend caused trouble for the defense of Muma and the Cowboys. Although he posted 9 tackles that day, attacked in the penalty zone and chased the receiver in space, Hawaii's plan often left him in no man's land.

Ebiketie was unable to bypass Rutgers' left tackle Raiqwon O'Neal early in their November 20 game, although he did push back the 6-4, 305-pound tackle with a strong sprint. In the fourth quarter, he finally got a strip bag in the red zone and closed the door for the Scarlet Knight. Pennsylvania State University lost to Michigan State University 27-30. The situation is similar, but snow-covered venues tend to slow the speed of edge attackers. However, Ebiketie chased the game from behind and moved to the inside to stop running in both games, which shows that he will do more than just push the edge at the next level.

Haskins and the Wolverines offensive line weekend at Ohio State University won the school's biggest victory in a decade. Haskins carried his mail throughout the year, straightened his shoulders, took quick steps in traffic to find space and ran on a good mat level. Haskins also showed patience to follow the leading blocker to get huge profits. In the game against the Buckeyes, he scored two of his five touchdowns in this way. He gave his quarterback a good lead in the second half, although this is not surprising considering his physical fitness as a base runner and pass protection.

Brisker led Penn State with 7 stops in the game against Rutgers. In a 28-0 victory, Brisker stopped the outside fast pitch and filled the gap in the game. He found the catcher first, then found the ball, passed the ball in the middle, but then missed a sack in the blitz, and gave up the peeking out of the backcourt to catch the ball. During the loss to Michigan State University, Brisk sometimes played in the penalty area to stop Heisman’s hopeful Kenneth Walker III. He blocked freight trains four times, but was taken in the defender’s first quarter of the TD game. End zone. The Spartans’ offense has a clear advantage over Brisk and his teammates in snowy conditions.

In the 21-17 victory of South Carolina on November 20, Enagbare did not fire Auburn quarterback TJ Finley, but the Gamecocks star won several victories with his annoying arms raised on the edge. He got rid of the blocker's offense and showed discipline by staying at home by reversing late in the game. Enagbare was flagged as a left tackle late in the second quarter for making a disturbing signal. Clemson ruined his home game last weekend and won 30-0 by effectively running the ball to prevent him from attacking the passer with his ears back. Despite this, he insisted on his position and gave up a few blocks to catch the ball holder, but was unable to participate in enough games to stop the trend.

Two weeks ago, in a 31-13 home victory for the Cougars, Hall met a small but tough opponent in Memphis right back Dylan Parham. Instead of pushing Parham away, he pushed another Tigers defender into his pocket and shared a sack. Last weekend, Hall did the same to the left back and center of the University of Connecticut, and also showed his patented swimming moves, often entering the backcourt. Hall has spent most of this year playing inside for the Cougars, but he has lined up outside in the past. My guess is that he will line up with five skills in the NFL and transfer to the inside when passing the ball.

Raimann protected his quarterback and was an effective position blocker in defeating Ball State and Eastern Michigan. The previous tight end is predictably agile in space, and looks like it prevents EMU by completing blocks in the second stage and leading the screens and non-tackle moves. Raimann has learned to use his upper body to contact edge impacters and move his feet when they try to pass him. The stronger Cardinals and Eagles defenders sometimes steal his blocks after initial contact, but he should continue to improve his functional intensity and ability to pass the ball in the next level.

McBride caught 6 passes in the loss to Hawaii (89 yards) and Nevada (113 yards). He lined up outside, seams and diagonal passes, while still sitting in the middle to provide a safety valve. Against the Wolves, he caught a pass from the sideline as he landed on the turf. McBride also led his team to Nevada, because he hit the fake punt directly 69 yards away to score. For McBride's senior year, this is a suitable ending, because coaches don't want him to suffer from an unbalanced defeat that could endanger his draft status. 

Louisiana State University ranked Louisiana-Monroe before beating Texas A&M University at home last weekend to qualify for the Bowl, and Clark became the clear defensive leader in both games. He played a huge role in the early game against ULM, blocking a block on the goal line and preventing a runner from catching a cold. Clark's speed and coverage are vital to the Aggies. He took away the red zone close end Jalen Wydermyer and receiver. He chased the game across the court and ended the game appropriately with two sacks, attacking A&M's scrambling quarterback when he left his pocket in desperate mode.

The Huskies' season ended with a loss to Colorado State and rival Washington State. Kirkland played well against Buffalo, except for his free throw in the third quarter (his first free throw this year). He defeated the pass rusher with a broad foundation and good balance, and interrupted the ball in the running game. When entering the inner corner to cut off the pursuit behind, his foot speed showed. However, his performance in the Apple Cup was uneven. Before settling down to provide reliable pass protection and a strong running advantage, he overtook, dumped and rushed towards the opponent early.

Alabama often tests McCreary in the Iron Bowl, with mixed results. He broke four passes in the game against Tide, reached in front of the receiver with his deputy, and passed through the hand of John Mackie III when passing the ball from a knocked down sideline. McCreary would sometimes be with Mitch and Jameson Williams (before Williams was expelled due to punt coverage in the second quarter), but Williams went off the line faster and Mitch The powerful go, dig and comeback route left McCrery behind, even if the ball didn’t have a way to “don’t come to him.” Mech defeated McCrery on the violent route to the left tower, winning a two-point conversion, which ended competition.

Indiana and Wisconsin had no luck on the stone wall wearing the No. 78 jersey in the Gophers' back-to-back victory. Faalele attacks defenders in running games, keeping his feet moving when running in areas and attacking smaller defenders in space. However, he missed a second-level goal in the Wisconsin game, and when a full-back made him lose his balance and tried to chase the perimeter, he was asked to guard in the red zone. Despite this, Gophers often ran behind Faalele's smashing blocks on the edge, and he showed scouts that he could get lower with short yards because his team won back Paul Bunyan's Axe.

In the first half of the Buckeyes' 56-7 victory over Michigan State University on November 20, Olaf hit all seven of his goals, including two touchdowns in the middle of the field. His first score was a ball on his shoulder that later looked like Willie Mays traced a deep pass from the sideline above his head to establish another Ohio State University touchdown. Olaf didn't have that much in the game against Michigan, scoring only five yards after seven catches. He missed a low pass and threw a ball behind him, but he was impressed with a 50/50 corner kick over Michigan in the fourth quarter.

Kentucky has won a full victory in the past two weeks, beating New Mexico 56-16 and defeating their state rival Louisville 52-21. Kinnard threw stones at the rushers in both games, whether they were outside, inside, or trying to sprint hard. Due to their advanced tackles, the Wildcats are very right-handed in the game because he beats the linebacker with strong hands, bumps into the linebacker while running inside, and even leads the game against NMSU. Occasionally, Kinnard will run faster on fast breaks, but when he is playing in an emergency, his overall structure and agility are hard to beat.

In the Panthers 41-3 victory over Illinois West and the first round of the playoffs lost to Washington East, Penning dominated the defender. In the game against WIU, he took his players off the ball many times, and once created a hole for a 99-yard rushing touchdown. As he did throughout the year, the first team of the All Missouri Valley Conference chose to spend a lot of time on the rain-soaked red turf of EWU after completing many blocks. However, in that game, he stood up on the goal line and was punished for keeping and leaving the field too far during the opening series.

It is difficult for SMU and East Carolina to find out what happens when Ridder is given time in his pocket. When he can align his upper body and lower body, he passes the pass to the sideline and the center, while also looking for a catcher at the top for big moves. Ridder also made Mustangs and Pirates pay the price when they left their pockets, including scoring in a 40-yard game and stunts and touchdowns against SMU. However, his pitching on the move was unstable, which resulted in two interceptions of the ECU.

Dotson made progress in the Nittany Lions' victory over Rutgers on November 20, and made two catches late in the first half. He falsified the inside action on both fronts, pitching the ball high on the left sideline and then making an 8-yard touchdown on the right sideline. Despite the snow field in East Lansing last weekend, Dotson still looked fast in the loss to the Spartans. He slipped and fell once after catching the ball, but remained upright on the smooth court. Dotson showed strong hands, brought off-target pitching and excellent body control, while staying in bounds and passing the ball over the tower in one of his two scores.

Two weeks ago, Johnson received a difficult task on the Florida State University defense line, but he handled his duties calmly. He has been using his upper body or driving his legs after contact to move the target out of the hole, opening the way in the team's fourth quarter comeback attempt, but it soon appeared. Johnson also pushed the linebacker to the ground when he moved to the second floor. In the game against Wake Forest last weekend, he showed the same strength, agility and technique. Although the Eagles struggled offensively in the 41-10 defeat, he performed very well. Johnson's draft results should be similar to that of 2021 first-round rookie Aliya Villa-Tucker.

Davis began to beat Charleston South 56-7, but didn't need to take many snapshots. He did rush to score a touchdown in the Bulldogs' first series, and despite being hit in the low post, he crossed the goal line. Davis also demonstrated his versatility by conducting an inspiring band after winning. Georgia Tech was defeated by the Bulldogs 45-0, but Davis played three-quarters to prepare for his SEC Championship game. In addition to eating double-teams and pushing his men into the backcourt, as he did with the Yellow Jackets, NFL scouts want to see Davis regularly in Saturday’s highly anticipated game against Alabama. Find the ball.

Willis played another tough game against Louisiana on November 20, casting two draft picks and giving the defender some other opportunities. He was late for double coverage, but was under constant pressure and often had no option to check. Willis was also harassed by the Army in the first half of last weekend. He was eliminated in four of his five sacks in the first two quarters and showed a retreat to poor footwork. He was better protected in the second half, when he threw absolute lasers to all parts of the field and was more effective as a disruptor. The Liberty receiver also dropped several times during the day, resulting in a drop in points.

Lloyd showed everything to scouts in Utah's last two regular season games. The Utes defeated Oregon's playoff hopes 38-7 because Lloyd attacked and brought the Heat late in the game. Lloyd was also a force against Colorado. He missed a few open tackles, but brought the wood when aiming at the target. He took the receiver in both games, prevented the Buffalo team from converting a third turnover and prevented a touchdown in the game against the Ducks. He looked a bit like Micah Parsons of the Cowboys, with his hands in the dirt, beating the tackle and approaching the quarterback as the quarterback unloaded the pass.

Boston College couldn't stop Johnson in the first half against Chestnut Hill because his hands were fierce and he was fast around the corner. He also forced a quick throw from the end zone, which resulted in safety, and always stopped running to his side. He has less influence in the second half because the Eagles pass the ball more efficiently. Johnson was fired in a game against Florida last Saturday, and he sometimes won on the fringe to force poor shots. He was also chasing the game in the low court, but in the fourth quarter (according to the Gator design), he was not an important factor.

Two weeks ago, Pete started the rhythm early in Pete's 48-38 victory over Virginia. He passed the ball to the field and entered the narrow window. While avoiding the rusher, his eyes were always on the low court. In one such example, he threw a touchdown at the open Jordan Addison from the back of the end zone. However, Pickett intercepted in consecutive rounds, turned the ball over with a score of 50-50 at the end of the first half, and dropped the ball into Cover 2 with a double clutch at the beginning of the third quarter. He was very efficient in beating Syracuse 31-14 in the away game last week. Despite achieving two touchdown leads in the fourth quarter, he passed the ball to the field with a short pass and then impatiently fired one. Deep jump ball.

When the Wolverines hit a home run in head coach Jim Harbo's sixth attempt at Ohio State, the college football spectators who saw Michigan State for the first time this season finally saw Hutchinson's special talent. Shifting from one side to the other, Hutchinson unbalanced the Buckeyes’ two tackles throughout the game, used his inside action to win early, and then used his speed and agility to move the three tackles. Sacking and sacking. Hutchinson's strength put Thayer Munford on his back in a game midway through the fourth quarter. His overall skills were demonstrated because he sometimes stood in a row with five techniques and showed great improvement, almost pushing the fast pass to the sideline and chasing the game to the sideline.

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