These are the 5 jackets that shopping editors have in the fall fashion rotation

2021-12-08 06:22:06 By : Ms. Melody Yin

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In my opinion, the perfect formula for a cute autumn outfit is jeans, boots and jackets. With this silhouette, you can easily put on any denim wash, any style of boots and any shirt in your jacket, and it will still work-the styling options are endless. 

After working as a shopping editor for about five years, I think I can say that I have a very comprehensive collection of jackets (that is, an overflowing wardrobe). Although I have everything from leather jackets to Sherpa bomber jackets in my wardrobe, I always like some styles. Keep scrolling to get scoops on the five most worn autumn jackets I actually own in real life. 

Although I do have a super thick down parka to wear in the middle of winter, this light and fluffy jacket from Uniqlo is my choice for cold autumn days because I want to add another layer without adding volume. This style is also very suitable for travel, because its packaging is very small and can fit into any handbag or suitcase without any worries. Choose one of nine colors and sizes from XXS to XXL.

I recently purchased the Steffi jacket from Rails (which is one of my favorite autumn brands) and have worn it for lunch, dates and errands with friends. This style is made of a wool blend, so although it is not too thick or fully lined, it does make me feel warm. I prefer this fuchsia because it is different from any other jacket I own, but you can also wear a beautiful blue and white tartan.

I like my leather jacket, but this BLANKNYC Suede Moto style makes people feel cooler. BLANKNYC has a large number of different suede colors to choose from (including pink and blue-green), and all of their designs are very well done. I pair this biker jacket with a T-shirt and bodysuit with my favorite jeans or leggings, and find it suitable for any occasion, from drinking coffee to going to a concert.

You may have seen this quilted jacket from Free People on social media, but I am here to tell you that it is indeed worth the hype. This 100% cotton jacket is very large, perfect for pairing with a hoodie or a large sweater. It also has many colors. However, I would say that this jacket is big, so if you don’t want it to be too big, it must be a size smaller. 

I admit that this is not the coat I bought from Old Navy-but it is very close. To be honest, I had to include this style because the style I own has been out for several seasons and is no longer on sale, but I wear it so often that similar options from retailers have to be included in my list . This coat design complements everything and is a great everyday style. In addition, the price is less than 80 US dollars, which is very suitable for the budget. 

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This article is the 5 jackets of shopping editors in the autumn fashion rotation, which first appeared on In The Know.

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