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Jinhu Aluminum Group supply PE Nano ACP/ACM:1. Specification:   Width 950mm ~2000mm   Thickness  3mm~8mm   Alu thickness  0.30~0.50mm  2. Characteristics:   Excellent easy-cleaning   Pollution resistance   Oil

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Jinhu Aluminum Group supply PE Nano ACP/ACM:

1. Specification:
   Width 950mm ~2000mm
   Thickness  3mm~8mm
   Alu thickness  0.30~0.50mm
2. Characteristics:
   Excellent easy-cleaning
   Pollution resistance
   Oil resistance
   Good friction resistance
   Strong Acid&Alkali resistance
   Outstanding weather resistance

3. Package:
   Break Bulk && Simple pallet package && Full wooden pallet package

4. QC system:
   Qualified stuff------High quality raw materials------Advanced production line------Complete quality supervision------All new laboratory with high-tech inspection equipment------Quality certification

5. Nano PVDF technical data:

DescriptionTest StandardNano PVDF
Thickness of CoatingNANO PVDF paint≥34μm35μm to 37μm
Coating Flexibility(T-bend)NANO PVDF paint≤2T2T
Color differenceΔE≤2.0(follow color sample)ΔE≤2.0
Pencil HardnessISO 15184:1998 Section 105H
Chemical Resistance5%HCL or 5%NaOH test in 240hrs--No changeNo change
Coating AdhesionISO 2409:2007 Section 6The edges of the cuts are completely smooth, none of the squares of the lattice is detached
Resist SolventNo change for 200times (MEK)No change
Boiling Water ResistanceEN438-2:2005 Section 12Rating 5, No visible change. Average change of mass:0.08%; Average change of thickness:1.36%
Peeling Strength/ Stripping StrengthBS EN319:19932.4N/mm²
Impact Test of paintISO6272-1:2002 Section 8The coating not crack or peel after 2kg weight ball dropped from 1.5m height
Abrasion Resistance(L/Mil)ISO7784-2:1997 Section 8The abrasive rubber wheel: Taber H-22; the cycles number:100; the mean loss mass:91mg
Temperature ResistanceEN 438-2:2005 Section 19Rating 4, change of gloss only
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionISO11539-2:1999 Section71.3*10^4K
Detergent Resistance(3%)ASTM D2248No change
Humidity Resistance(3000hrs, 100%RH,100ºC)ASTM D2247No change
Salt Spray Resistance (3000hrs, 5%salt)ASTM B117No change
Resistance to StainingEN438-2:2005 Section 26Rating 5, no visible change
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